In Event of Death

What To Do When A Death Occurs

The procedure to follow after a death will depend on the circumstances surrounding the death. A Medical Certificate of the Cause of Death must be obtained from a doctor. This Certificate will enable you to registered the death and obtain the Death Certificate.

When the death occurs at home.

Inform the family doctor as soon as possible that the death has occurred. He or she may write out the Medical Certificate of the cause of Death upon visiting the home, or request you to attend the surgery for this purpose.

When the death occurs in a hospice or nursing home.

The staff of the hospice or nursing home will inform you of the death of your loved one and will help obtain the Medical Certificate of the cause of death. They will also be available to help you with advice until you contact us to make the funeral arrangements.

When the death occurs in hospital.

The hospital staff will inform the next of kin or named person of the death. The deceased will be transferred to the hospital chapel / mortuary. The general office will arrange for the Medical Certificate of the cause of death to be issued.

When the death is referred to the Coroner.

Sometimes the coroner will need to be informed when a doctor cannot issue the Medical Certificate of the cause of death. In these circumstances the Coroners Registrars Office will produce a certificate once the coroner has determined the cause of death. This will be sent by the Coroners Office to the Registrars Office in the district where the death occurred allowing you to register the death.