Horse Drawn Funerals

Professional and Traditional Service

A Horse drawn funerals by ascension funerals garstangHorse Drawn funeral hearse provides a professional and traditional service.

Left Pic: The Victorian style hearse is pulled by a pair of Friesian horses (also known as Belgium Blacks). These horses are well known for their regal stature and excellent temperament. The horses are dressed in traditional style English black leather harness with black plumes and drapes. The hearse is beautifully maintained and can accommodate all sizes of coffins and caskets. The Driver and groom are smartly dressed in traditional attire with black silk top hats.

Elegance and Style

Horse drawn hearses provide the elegance and style to any funeral procession and we go to great extremes to ensure all your needs are met. We provide that reliability and special attention to detail which is so important for those personal moments.

If you require any further details or would like to arrange a visit, please contact us